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Coinola Midget A with flute pipes

Rare Coinola Midget model A with flute pipes in quartered oak cabinet. Operators Piano Company of Chicago introduced their first cabinet (keyboardless) style piano in 1916, the Coinola Midget. It was first available operating from an “A” roll featuring a 61-note piano with or without an extra instrument. The same style 61-note keyboardless piano as used in coin pianos made by Link, Seeburg, Nelson-Wiggen, Western Electric and others.

Later models, representing most examples surviving today, used a 66-note piano operated from an “O” roll with various combinations of extra instruments.

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This early model was built about 1917. An unique example of an “A” roll Midget with flute pipes. Restoration of this instrument was started by Dave Ramey, Sr. and was recently completed by David Jr. The piano has been restrung and the action was cleaned and repaired, preserving the original hammers. The inner mechanisms have all been restored. The cabinet has been refinished. Sounds as beautiful as it looks.

The instrument features piano with manual mute rail, automatic mandolin attachment along with 24 flute pipes, operating from a standard “A” music roll. Six recut music rolls are included in the sale. Immediately available, please inquire for price.