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Type A Music Rolls - Please Choose Quantity Discount from drop down menu before adding to cart.  Quantity discounts are offered on orders of four or more rolls of the types A, G, M, or O (any combination).  Standard postage via USPS Media Mail for domestic orders included. Shipping charges for international orders or other shipping methods will be additional and quoted on an individual basis. Limited to stock on hand, subject to availability.  

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Selector* A-2177 Capitol      

  1. Angela Mia  — Fox Trot
  2. Good Night — Military Waltz
  3. If You Don’t Love Me — Fox Trot
  4. F’r Instance — Fox Trot
  5. I Tore Up Your Picture — Fox Trot
  6. Etiquette Blues — Fox Trot
  7. Dream House — Fox Trot
  8. Just a Little Bit of Driftwood
  9. When You’re Smiling — One Step
  10. Love Affairs — Fox Trot


* Selector Rolls are “A” rolls that have been perforated for use in instruments with a Selector mechanism. The roll will operate as an “A” roll in a standard instrument, but the Selector perforations will activate the highest piano note between tunes. However, the highest note will not be played in the music as the note is eliminated on Selector rolls.

A- Test Roll - $45 each

A-961 Cremona "Most Popular Hits"*      

  1. You’ve Got to See Mamma Ev’ry Night.   Fox Trot
  2. You Tell Her – I Stutter   One-step
  3. Aggravatin’ Papa Blues
  4. Peggy Dear,   Fox Trot
  5. Sugar Blues
  6. You Know You Belong to Somebody Else.   Waltz
  7. Baby Blue Eyes.   Fox Trot
  8. Runnin’ Wild.   Fox Trot
  9. Four O’clock Blues
  10. I’m Through.   Fox Trot

A-0046 Jazzola  American Roots Music

  1. Bow Wow Blues, Chicag Blues
  2. Atlanta Rag
  3. Graveyard Love (A Cemetary Moan), Baltimore Blues
  4. Jelly Roll Stomp, 8-bar Kansas City Blues
  5. Black Snake Blues (A Low Down Moan)
  6. The Original Boogie Woogie, Fast Blues
  7. How Long, How Long Blues
  8. Original Dixieland Jass Band, One-Step
  9. The Graveyard Blues, Western Jazz
  10. Cow Cow Blues, Deep South Blues

A-582 Clark "Favorite Radio Hits"   

  1. Ah—Ha!   One-step
  2. Yes Sir, That’s My Baby,   Fox trot
  3. Pal Of My Cradle Days,   Fox trot
  4. By the Light Of the Stars,   Fox trot
  5. We’re Gonna Have Weather Whether Or Not,   Fox trot
  6. Waitin’ For the Moon,   Fox trot
  7. Hear You Calling, Pal Of Mine,   Waltz
  8. Sweet Georgia Brown ,   Fox trot
  9. Charleston,   Fox trot
  10. Twilight,   Fox trot

A-1314 Automatic "The Last Word in Review"      

  1. Take In the Sun, Hang Out the Moon,   Fox Trot
  2. Tell Me To-Night,   Fox Trot
  3. My Baby Knows How,   Fox Trot
  4. To-Night You Belong To Me,    Waltz
  5. There Ain’t No Maybe In My Baby’s Eyes,   Fox Trot
  6. I Know, That You Know,   Fox Trot
  7. Rags,   Fox Trot
  8. Black Bottom Dance,   Fox Trot
  9. My Baby’s Back,   Fox Trot
  10. Hello!  Swanee Hello!,   Fox Trot

A-1439 Automatic "Plenty O’ Pep"      

  1. Constantinople,   Fox Trot
  2. You May Be Right, You May Be Wrong,   Fox Trot
  3. When?,   Fox Trot
  4. Lou’siana Lullaby,    Waltz
  5. That’s My Mammy,   Fox Trot
  6. Waitin’ for Katy,   Fox Trot    
  7. From Midnight ‘Till Dawn,   Fox Trot    
  8. Old Fashioned Roses,   Waltz
  9. Adoree,   Fox Trot
  10. Get Out and Get Under the Moon,   Fox Trot

A-1214 Automatic "Popular Radio Successes"      

  1. Let's Grow Old Together,   Fox Trot                                 
  2. Oh! You Lulu Belle,   One Step
  3. Any Old Alley Where I Walk with Sally (Is a Grand Boulevard to Me),   Waltz
  4. Talking to the Moon,    Fox Trot
  5. I Want Somebody to Cheer Me Up,   Fox Trot
  6. I Saw You in Your Window,   Waltz    
  7. Scatter Your Smiles,   One Step
  8. Your Lips and Eyes,   Waltz                                      
  9. Just around the Corner,   Fox Trot                                    
  1. Say It Again,   Fox Trot

A-1489 Automatic "Hits? Hits!!"      

  1. Happy Days and Lonely Nights,   Fox Trot     
  2. Pompanola,   Fox Trot
  3. I'll Get By (as Long as I Have You),   Fox Trot
  4. Marion,    Waltz
  5. Let's Do It (Let's Fall in Love),   Fox Trot
  6. Some Night When You're Lonely,   Fox Trot
  7. A Love Tale (of Alsace Lorraine),   Fox Trot
  8. You Can't Take My Mem'ries from Me,   Waltz
  9. Guess Who's in Town,   Fox Trot
  10. Won't You Tell Me, Hon (When We're Gonna Be One)?   Fox Trot

First ever known re-cut .

A-1467 Clark "On Your Toes!"      

  1. Curly Top,   Fox Trot
  2. I'm in the Mood for Love,   Fox Trot
  3. China Seas,   Fox Trot
  4. Truckin',   Fox Trot
  5. The Rose in Her Hair,   Waltz
  6. The Simple Things in Life,   Fox Trot
  7. What a Night, What a Moon, What a Girl!   Fox Trot
  8. Lulu's Back in Town,   Fox Trot
  9. Ridin' up the River Road,   Fox Trot
  10. Outside of You,   Fox Trot

A-1037 United States Music      

  1. Row, Row, Row ¾ March Song, “Ziegfeld Follies of 1912”
  2. Do It Again ¾ Popular Song
  3. Oh! You Million Dollar Kid ¾ March Song
  4. River Shannon ¾ Syncopated Waltz
  5. That Gigglin’ Rag ¾ Two Step
  6. Oh! You Silv’ry Bells ¾ March Song
  7. The Chicken’s Ball ¾ Popular song
  8. Laces and Graces ¾ Novelette
  9. The Green Grass Grew All Around ¾ Popular Song
  10. The Merrill Waltzes

First ever known re-cut .

A-1435 Clark "Tavern Tunes"      

  1. Hail, Hail, the Gang's All Here
  2. Makin' Whoopee!
  3. Old Grey Mare
  4. Little Brown Jug

   How Dry I Am

  1. Champagne   Waltz
  2. Glorious
  3. Dead Drunk Blues
  4. We Won't Go Home Until Morning
  5. Show Me the Way To Go Home
  6. Auld Lang Syne

First ever known re-cut .

A-1334 Automatic "Happy Go Lucky Hits"      

  1. Captain Lindbergh,   One Step
  2. Collette,   Fox Trot
  3. Wistful and Blue,   Fox Trot
  4. C'est Vous,    Waltz
  5. Sweet Marie,   Fox Trot
  6. One Summer Night,   Fox Trot
  7. Then You'll Come Back to Me,   Fox Trot
  8. Silver Moon,   Waltz
  9. I Can't Believe That You're in Love with Me,   Fox Trot
  10. Ya Gonna Be Home Tonight?,   Fox Trot