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A-1492 Automatic "S’ Wonderful"      

  1. I Must Have That Man,   Fox Trot
  2. Right Out of Heaven,   Fox Trot
  3. High Up On a Hill-Top,   Fox Trot
  4. Juanita,   Waltz
  5. That’s How I Feel About You, Sweetheart,   Fox Trot
  6. Two Lips to Kiss My Cares Away,   Fox Trot
  7. Blue Grass,   Fox Trot
  8. It Goes Like This,   Fox Trot
  9. She’s Wonderful, Fox Trot

A-1493 Automatic "Hot Blues Request"      

  1. T.B. Blues
  2. Boa Constrictor Blues
  3. Cow Cow Blues
  4. New Orleans Blues
  5. Girl of My Dreams (I Love You),    Waltz
  6. The Hooking Cow Blues
  7. Take Me Back Blues
  8. My Blue Heaven,   Fox Trot
  9. Blue Yodel,   Blue Trot
  10. The Texas Wail,   Fox Trot

A-2172 Capitol

  1. I Just Roll Along  — One Step
  2. Ole Virginny’s Lullaby —Waltz
  3. Sweet Ella May — One Step
  4. Rosette — Waltz
  5. Georgie Porgie — One Step
  6. Little Mother — Waltz
  7. That’s My Mammy — Fox Trot
  8. C.O.N.S.T.A.N.T.I.N.O.P.L.E.
  9. In the Evening — Fox Trot
  10. Love Affairs — Fox Trot

Selector* A-2177 Capitol      

  1. Angela Mia  — Fox Trot
  2. Good Night — Military Waltz
  3. If You Don’t Love Me — Fox Trot
  4. F’r Instance — Fox Trot
  5. I Tore Up Your Picture — Fox Trot
  6. Etiquette Blues — Fox Trot
  7. Dream House — Fox Trot
  8. Just a Little Bit of Driftwood
  9. When You’re Smiling — One Step
  10. Love Affairs — Fox Trot


* Selector Rolls are “A” rolls that have been perforated for use in instruments with a Selector mechanism. The roll will operate as an “A” roll in a standard instrument, but the Selector perforations will activate the highest piano note between tunes. However, the highest note will not be played in the music as the note is eliminated on Selector rolls.

Selector* A-637 Clark “Selected Jazz Sensations”

  1. Oh! Boy, What a Girl,   One-step
  2. What Do We Care If It’s 1 O’clock or 2 or 3 or 4,   Waltz
  3. Sweet Man,   Fox trot
  4. I’m Afraid I’m Falling In Love,   Fox trot
  5. I Care For Her and She Cares For Me,   One-step
  6. What’s the Good Of Dreams,   Fox trot
  7. I Wonder,   Waltz
  8. Feelin’ Kind O’ Blue,   Fox trot
  9. Want a Little Lovin’,   Fox trot
  10. Give Us the Charleston,   Fox trot


Selector* A-1515 Clark "Easy To Listen To"      

  1. Penny Serenade,   Fox Trot
  2. They Say,   Fox Trot
  3. The Umbrella Man,   Waltz
  4. This Can’t Be Love,   Fox Trot
  5. Annabelle,   Fox Trot
  6. Little Sir Echo,   Waltz
  7. I Cried For You,   Fox Trot
  8. F. D. R. Jones ,   Fox Trot
  9. Honolula,   Fox Trot
  10. My Heart Belongs To Daddy,   Fox Trot


A-1541 Columbia "Latest Song Hits"      

  1. Nailo — Fox trot
  2. Rose of Washington Square — Fox trot
  3. Dying Blues
  4. The Madrigal of May — Waltz
  5. Lucy — Jazz Waltz
  6. Mother's Hands — Fox trot
  7. Everybody's Buddy — Song
  8. Pretty Kitty Kelly — Waltz
  9. But ---! — Fox trot
  10. I Love the Land of Old Black Joe — One-Step

A-1772 Columbia "Every Number a Dance Hit"      

  1. Hi-Lee Hi-Lo — Fox Trot
  2. Wanita (Wanna Eat? Wanna Eat?) — Waltz
  3. My Sweetie Went Away — Fox Trot
  4. I've Got the Yes! We Have No Bananas Blues
  5. M-A-Double-M-Y — Fox trot
  6. The Gold Digger — Fox Trot
  7. Dusting the Keys — Fox Trot
  8. Page Paderewski — Fox Trot
  9. Hot Roasted Peanuts — Fox Trot
  10. No, No, Nora — Fox Trot

A-276 Seeburg

  1. When It's Moonlight on the Mississippi
  2. Circus Day in Dixie
  3. Honeymoon Bells
  4. What Would You Do for Fifty Thousand Dollars?
  5. I Love to Tango with My Tea
  6. Go Right Along, Mister Wilson
  7. In Japan with Mi-Mo-San
  8. Norway (The Land of the Midnight Sun)
  9. At the Old Plantation Ball
  10. Come back, Dixie

A-2314 Capitol        

  1. The Woman In the Shoe
  2. Flappers on Parade
  3. Oh Ya-Ya
  4. The Riff Song
  5. Strike Up the Band
  6. The Wedding of the Painted Doll
  7. Happy Days Are Here Again
  8. My Love Parade
  9. Around the Corner
  10. The Stein Song (U. of Main)

A- Test Roll - $40 each

A-0044 Jazzola  J. Russel Robinson Plays

                                “Blues, Fox-Trots, and In-Betweens” 

  1. Blue Eyed Sally, Fox trot
  2. Royal Garden Blues, Fox trot
  3. It Takes a Brown Skin Man to Make a High Yellow Blue, Fox trot
  4. Let Me Be the First to Kiss You Good Morning, Fox trot
  5. Pacific Coast Blues, Fox trot
  6. Two-Time Dan, Fox trot
  7. Where Is My Daddy Now Blues, Fox trot
  8. I’m Just Wild About Harry, Fox trot
  9. How Many Times? Fox trot
  10. My Little Bimbo Down On the Bamboo Isle, One-step

A-2327 Capitol        

  1. Bye Bye Blues
  2. Singing a Song to the Stars
  3. Sittin' on a Rainbow
  4. My Bluebird Was Caught in the Rain
  5. Little White Lies
  6. When Day Is Done
  7. There's a Wah Wah Gal in Agua Caliente
  8. Swinging in a Hammock
  9. Red River Valley
  10. Watching My Dreams Go By

Selector* A-1471 Clark "Radio Headliners"


  1. I Wish I Were Aladdin,   Fox Trot
  2. Toddlin' Along With You,   Fox Trot
  3. The Oregon Trail,   Fox Trot
  4. If I Had My Way,   Fox Trot
  5. I'd Rather Listen to Your Eyes,   Fox Trot
  6. I Live for Love,   Fox Trot
  7. Whenever I Think of You,   Fox Trot
  8. Will Love Find a Way?,   Fox Trot
  9. Take This Ring,   Fox Trot
  10. At a Little Church Affair,   Fox Trot


A-520 Christmas (arr. Dave Junchen)      

  1. Frosty the Snowman
  2. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
  3. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
  4. Silver Bells
  5. Jingle Bells
  6. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
  7. Here Comes Santa Claus
  8. White Christmas
  9. Waltz of the Flowers
  10. Sleigh Ride

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