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Coinola Style X orchestrion

This Coinola Style X orchestrion was made by Operators Piano Company of Chicago, a major player in mechanical music from about 1904 to the mid 1930s. Operators produced a wide variety of coin operated pianos under the “Coinola” brand.

The X uses the propriety style “O” music roll. Early on, these rolls were adapted from QRS player piano rolls. Later, Operators produced their own arrangements under the Columbia and Capitol brand names. The company hired some of the best popular and blues pianists to record live performances on a marking piano to make player piano rolls which were then adapted for coin pianos. The result was a treasure trove for lovers of the Early Chicago Blues sound. Although piano production ended by 1930, the roll division kept making rolls into 1934, illustrating the quality and popularity of their product.

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This Style X consists of piano and mandolin, featuring a 24 note bell unit, bass drum (with tympani beaters), cymbal, triangle, snare drum, and wood block.

The instrument was freshly restored by the current owner. The piano was rebuilt with new strings, butts, hammers and dampers. All pneumatic components throughout were restored. Cabinet has been refinished. This “like new” instrument is ready to sparkle and delight another generation.