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G-507 Capitol       

  1. My Mom — Fox Trot
  2. Kiss Me Goodnight, Not Goodbye —  Waltz
  3. One Hour with You — Fox Trot  (Eddie Cantor Theme)
  4. Keepin' out of Mischief Now — Fox Trot
  5. By the Fireside (in the Gloaming) — Fox Trot
  6. I'll Miss You in the Evening — Waltz
  7. Tired — Fox Trot
  8. Strangers — Fox Trot
  9. I'm So Alone with the Crowd — Fox Trot
  10. You're the One (You Beautiful Son-of-a-Gun) — One Step

Peerless G-0002 “Rags, Marches and Two-Steps”  

  1. The Pride of Port Dover,  March
  2. The Cannon Ball,  Rag
  3. The Harlem Rag
  4. Falmouth Regatta,  Two-Step
  5. A Bit O’ Blarney,  Irish Jig
  6. County Fair Belles,  Two-Step
  7. Miss Dyson’s Holiday,  Two-Step
  8. Yale Boola,  March
  9. Cuban Queens,  March
  10. Smoky Topaz,  Rag
  11. Earl of Pawtucket,  March
  12. Jovial Joe,  Slow Drag
  13. Southern Smiles,  Rag
  14. Thunder and Blazes,  March

G-504 Automatic "All Hit Review"      

  1. Pucker Up and Whistle.    Fox Trot                                 
  2. I Love the Land of Old Black Joe.    One Step
  3. Wait Until You See My Madeline.    Fox Trot
  4. Who Made You Cry, Sugar Babe?    Blues
  5. Mammy’s Little Sunny Honey Boy.    Waltz
  6. Scandinavia.    Fox Trot    
  7. Oh! They’re Such Nice People.    One Step
  8. Ain’t We Got Fun.    Fox Trot                                      
  9. Peggy O’Neil.    Waltz                                   
  1. I’m Nobody’s Baby.    Fox Trot

G-484 Capitol      

  1. When It’s Springtime in the Rockies — Waltz
  2. My Sweeter than Sweet — Fox Trot
  3. (I’m a Dreamer) Aren’t We All — Fox Trot
  4. Painting the Clouds with Sunshine — Fox Trot
  5. Cryin’ for the Carolines — Fox Trot
  6. Singing a Vagabond Song — Fox Trot
  7. Should I — Fox Trot
  8. My Love Parade — Fox Trot
  9. Sweetheart Trail — Fox Trot
  1. Happy Days are Here Again — Fox Trot

First ever re-cut of rare Capitol G roll from Svoboda’s Nickelodeon Tavern & Museum.

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G-979 Automatic "Brimfull o’ Harmony"      

  1. It Goes Like This (That Funny Melody).    Fox Trot          
  2. I Must Have That Man.    Fox Trot
  3. Blue Shadows.    Fox Trot
  4. You're My Old Fashioned Sweetheart.    Waltz
  5. Flower of Love.    Fox Trot
  6. How Long Blues.    Fox Trot    
  7. There's a Rainbow 'Round My Shoulder.    Fox Trot
  8. Forever.    Waltz                                      
  9. I'm Sorry Sally.    Fox Trot                                   
  1. My Blackbirds Are Bluebirds Now.    Fox Trot



G-475* Capitol       

  1. Glad Rag Doll — Fox Trot
  2. I Faw Down and Go Boom —  Fox Trot
  3. Carolina Moon — Waltz
  4. Dream Train — Fox Trot
  5. Marie — Waltz
  6. My Troubles Are Over — Fox Trot
  7. The Sog I Love — Fox Trot
  8. A Love Tale of Alsace Lorraine — Fox Trot
  9. A Precious Little Thing Called Love — Fox Trot
  10. The Spell of the Blues — Fox Trot


First know reissue of this rare roll.

*#475 is missing from the known Capitol rollography so this reissue of the unknown original roll was given this number as it fits the timeline.


Rolls drop ship directly from Meliora Music Rolls.

G-0003 Jazzola  J. Russel Robinson Plays

                                “Blues, Fox-Trots, and In-Betweens” 

  1. Blue Eyed Sally, Fox trot
  2. Royal Garden Blues, Fox trot
  3. It Takes a Brown Skin Man to Make a High Yellow Blue, Fox trot
  4. Let Me Be the First to Kiss You Good Morning, Fox trot
  5. Pacific Coast Blues, Fox trot
  6. Two-Time Dan, Fox trot
  7. Where Is My Daddy Now Blues, Fox trot
  8. I’m Just Wild About Harry, Fox trot
  9. How Many Times? Fox trot
  10. My Little Bimbo Down On the Bamboo Isle, One-step