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G-505 Automatic "Blue Jazz Roll"      

  1. Dangerous Blues.                                 
  2. I Never Knew What the Blues Were (Until You Went Away).    Blues                                  
  3. Hawaiian Blues.
  4. A Little Kind Treatment.    Blues
  5. The Blue Law Blues.                                  
  6. The Broadway Blues.                                  
  7. I Ain’t Afraid of Nuthin’ Dat’s Alive. Blues
  8. The Ragtime Dixie Ball                                    
  9. Beautiful Dreamland Blues
  10. Low Down Blues


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G-899 Automatic "Posilutely Popular"      

  1. Positively - Absolutely,   Fox trot
  2. Ya Gonna Be Home To-night?,   Fox trot
  3. Are You Lonesome To-night?,   Waltz
  4. Sweet Marie,   Fox trot
  5. If You’re In Love, You’ll Waltz,   Waltz
  6. The Whisper Song,   Fox trot
  7. The Sunshine Will Follow the Rain,   Waltz
  8. Rosy Cheeks,   Fox trot
  9. What Can I Do?,   Waltz
  10. Just Like a Butterfly,   Fox trot

G-907 Automatic "Natural Melody Hits"      

  1. Highways Are Happy Ways,   Fox trot
  2. A Night In June,   Fox trot
  3. Roam On My Little Gypsy Sweetheart,   Fox trot
  4. Good News,   Fox trot
  5. Miss Annabelle Lee,   Fox trot
  6. Baby Feet Go Pitter Patter,   Fox trot
  7. The Calinda,   Fox trot
  8. Someday You’ll Say “OK!”,   Fox trot
  9. Oh! Ya! Ya!,   Fox trot
  10. Who’s That Pretty Baby?,   Fox trot

G-949 Automatic "Auto-Have This One"      

  1. Mississippi Mud,   Fox trot
  2. Mary Ann,   Fox trot
  3. I’m Walkin’ On Air,   Fox trot
  4. I Wish I Were Back In My Cradle,   Waltz
  5. The Surprise,   Fox trot
  6. Every Evening I Miss You,   Fox trot
  7. Dream River,   Waltz
  8. When the Sun Goes Down Again,   Fox trot
  9. What Do You Say?,   Fox trot
  10. She’s a Great, Great Girl,   Fox trot

G-520 Christmas (arr. Dave Junchen)      

  1. Frosty the Snowman
  2. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
  3. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
  4. Silver Bells
  5. Jingle Bells
  6. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
  7. Here Comes Santa Claus
  8. White Christmas
  9. Waltz of the Flowers
  10. Sleigh Ride

G-MMC-1 “Ragtime Riches”  

  1. Crazy Otto Rag Medley
  2. I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing
  3. The Entertainer
  4. Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree
  5. Rag Time Dance
  6. Sitting On Top Of the World
  7. Something Doing
  8. St. Louis Tickle
  9. Rattlesnake Rag
  10. Magnetic Rag

4X-325 Clark "Merry Moments"      

  1. Walkin' My Baby Back Home,   Fox trot
  2. Sing Song Girl (Little Yella Cinderella),   Fox trot
  3. Ninety-Nine out of a Hundred,   Fox trot
  4. Reaching for the Moon,   Waltz
  5. The Sleepy Town Express,   Fox trot
  6. Heartaches,   Fox trot
  7. Would You Like to Take a Walk?,   Fox trot
  8. Lady, Play Your Mandolin,   Fox trot
  9. One Little Raindrop,   Fox trot
  10. Hello! Beautiful!,   Fox trot