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G-507 Capitol       

  1. My Mom — Fox Trot
  2. Kiss Me Goodnight, Not Goodbye —  Waltz
  3. One Hour with You — Fox Trot  (Eddie Cantor Theme)
  4. Keepin' out of Mischief Now — Fox Trot
  5. By the Fireside (in the Gloaming) — Fox Trot
  6. I'll Miss You in the Evening — Waltz
  7. Tired — Fox Trot
  8. Strangers — Fox Trot
  9. I'm So Alone with the Crowd — Fox Trot
  10. You're the One (You Beautiful Son-of-a-Gun) — One Step

G-371 Columbia        

  1. Hot Lips — Fox Trot
  2. Sunshine Alley ― Fox Trot
  3. Soothing — Fox Trot
  4. All For the Love of Mike — Waltz
  5. Oogie Oogie Wa Wa — Fox Trot
  6. The Sneak ― Fox Trot
  7. Say It While Dancing ― Fox Trot
  8. Maybe Someday ― Fox Trot
  9. He May Be Your Man ― Fox Trot
  10. The Flapper Blues

G-0001 Jazzola  American Roots Music

  1. Bow Wow Blues, Chicago Blues
  2. Atlanta Rag
  3. Graveyard Love (A Cemetary Moan), Baltimore Blues
  4. Jelly Roll Stomp, 8-bar Kansas City Blues
  5. Black Snake Blues (A Low Down Moan)
  6. The Original Boogie Woogie, Fast Blues
  7. How Long, How Long Blues
  8. Original Dixieland Jass Band, One-Step
  9. The Graveyard Blues, Western Jazz
  10. Cow Cow Blues, Deep South Blues

Peerless G-0002 “Rags, Marches and Two-Steps”  

  1. The Pride of Port Dover,  March
  2. The Cannon Ball,  Rag
  3. The Harlem Rag
  4. Falmouth Regatta,  Two-Step
  5. A Bit O’ Blarney,  Irish Jig
  6. County Fair Belles,  Two-Step
  7. Miss Dyson’s Holiday,  Two-Step
  8. Yale Boola,  March
  9. Cuban Queens,  March
  10. Smoky Topaz,  Rag
  11. Earl of Pawtucket,  March
  12. Jovial Joe,  Slow Drag
  13. Southern Smiles,  Rag
  14. Thunder and Blazes,  March