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Link Model 2 E with “Marimbaphone”

Link Piano Company coin pianos operated from an endless roll system. The company made several models of coin pianos and orchestrions into the late 1920’s, all using endless music rolls throughout production, despite all of its competitors abandoning endless rolls for the far easier to change rolls of conventional rewind systems.

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This model was built about 1920 as a model 2 (no extra instrument). Bart Off purchased the piano at an auction in 2004. It served at a Pennsylvania Dutch tourist attraction for many years prior. Bart purchased an original Link “Marimbaphone” with the intention to add to the instrument.

The restoration was started by Bart. He refinished the cabinet and rebuilt the piano, installing new strings, dampers, butts and hammers. The bottom mechanisms; pump and roll frame were restored before Bart passed away. The pneumatic system was restored and the project was completed by the current owner.