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Marenghi Ideal Orchestre

This Marenghi Dance organ was built by the Paris firm of Ch. Marenghi & Cie. in about 1902. It operated in France or Holland for a short time before it was sold to a Belgian community in Mishawaka, Indiana. It was then sold to a Mr. Charles Crombez of Detroit, Michigan and was installed in his Dance Hall around 1925-28. It resided there until it went into storage sometime in the 1950s and suffered damage caused by a fire at which time the original facade was destroyed as were the original 6 Trombone pipes. From the storage facilities it went to a Mr. DeClerk in South Bend, Indiana where it was installed in his basement. In 1962, it was purchased by its current order and installed with a new facade on a trailer. After several years, was sold to a person in Michigan who completely disassembled the entire organ and stored it for 34 years in his large garage building.

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About 2004, the current owner purchased the organ again. After years of storage, it was necessary for a major rebuild. New wind chests were fabricated by the firm Organ Supply Industries. A new facade, based on an original Marenghi design, was made by Carousel Magic of Mansfield, Ohio. The restored organ features all the original 350+ organ pipes with the exception of the six duplicated Trombone pipes. The tonal make up of the organ includes 5 sets of reed pipes which is extremely unusual. There are approximately 150 complete books of music with the organ music library. Physical size is:  16'-0" x 10'-9" x 3’-2" and weight is about 3500 lbs.