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O-761 Capitol      

  1. The Melody That Made You Mine - Waltz
  2. Sleeping Beauty’s Wedding - Fox Trot
  3. My Mother’s Humming Lullaby - Waltz
  4. Just a Little Drink - Fox Trot
  5. Because of You - Fox Trot
  6. Sweet Georgia Brown - Fox Trot
  7. Row, Row, Rosie - Fox Trot
  8. You Should Have Told Us - Fox Trot
  9. Moonlight and Roses
  10. Collegiate - One Step

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O-772 Capitol      

  1. I Want Another Chance With You  — Waltz
  2. Loud Speakin’ Papa — Red Hot
  3. Normandy — Fox Trot
  4. I Want You All for Me — Lazy Dance
  5. Let Us Waltz While We Say Good Bye — Waltz
  6. Angry — Fast Fox Trot
  7. Dizzy Fingers — Hot Novelty
  8. Back Home in Illinois — Fox Trot
  9. Kinky Kids Parade — “Kunnin’”
  10. I’m Gonna Charleston Back to Charleston — Fox Trot

O-21XX Clark  “Favorite Radio Hits”    

  1. Toot, Toot, Tootsie (Goo’ Bye)   (#1 from O-2133)
  2. To-Morrow   (#2 from O-2133)
  3. Pal Of My Cradle Days,   Fox Trot
  4. By the Light Of the Stars,   Fox Trot
  5. We’re Gonna Have Weather Whether Or Not,   Fox Trot
  6. Waitin’ For the Moon,   Fox Trot
  7. I Hear You Calling, Pal Of Mine,   Waltz
  8. Sweet Georgia Brown ,   Fox Trot
  9. Charleston,   Fox Trot
  10. Twilight,   Fox Trot

O-2210 Clark  “Your Vote - Straight Ticket”    

  1. My Blue Heaven,   Fox Trot
  2. Among My Souvenirs,   Fox Trot
  3. Dream Kisses,   Fox Trot
  4. Diane,   Waltz
  5. Baby Your Mother,   Fox Trot
  6. Is She My Girl Friend,   Fox Trot
  7. My Melancholy Baby,   Fox Trot
  8. The Song Is Ended,   Waltz
  9. Rain,   Fox Trot
  10. Let a Smile Be Your Umbrella,   Fox Trot

O-3014 American Roots Music      

  1. Bow Wow Blues - Blues
  2. Atlanta Rag - Ragtime
  3. Graveyard Love (A Cemetery Moan) - Blues
  4. Jelly Roll Stomp - Blues
  5. Black Snake Blues (A Low Down Moan) - Blues
  6. The Original Boogie Woogie - Blues
  7. How Long, How Long Blues - Blues
  8. Original Dixieland Jass Band - One Step/Jazz
  9. The Graveyard Blues - Blues/Jazz
  10. Cow Cow Blues - Blues

Newly arranged roll produced by Tim Baxter with Rick Crandall and Bob Gilson, arranged by Art Reblitz featuring ten early influential American Blues musical compositions.

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