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Cremona Style G - Flute

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The Marquette Piano Company, the first of the Chicago-based automatic piano builders, made this Cremona Style G, about 1913. Cremona coin pianos and orchestrions were beautifully designed with bird’s-eye-maple veneered interiors and art glass windows of assorted colors and clear beveled glass reminiscent of the works of architect Frank Lloyd Wright. The windows would offer an enticing peak of the moving mechanisms inside the lit interior, giving Cremona instruments a unique quality. They are considered by many collectors to be among the most attractive orchestrions, both inside and out.

Specially designed colonial case of quarter cut oak. Three beautiful art glass panels of geometric design along with two handsome brass trimmed art lamps decorate the facade and illuminate when piano is playing. This model plays a standard type “A” music roll.

This style G was restored in 2002. After being thoroughly serviced by D.C. Ramey Piano Company, is now ready for a new home. It has a piano with the unique Marquette mandolin attachment, featuring a rank of 32 flute pipes. It is truly a delight to both ears and eyes.  Tall back cabinet measures about 68 inches in height, 64 inches wide and about 29 inches deep. Purchase includes ten style A music rolls (more are available).

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