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Instruments For Sale

Other than the instruments we build on order, we occassionally have instruments for sale. See below for our current offerings. For more information and prices, please contact us.

Coinola JX

Coinola Style JX

Rare restored coin piano with bells and drums.

Aburo Dance Organ

Pneumatically restored 88-note keyless organ.

Seeburg E Special

Seeburg E Special

Rare orchestrion in good playing condition.

Arburo Seeburg E

Seeburg E

Popular coin piano in great playing condition.

Tangley Calliope

Tangley Calliope

Model CA43 air calliaphone, fully restored.


Nelson-Wiggen Style 8

Fully restored rare small cabinet model, available in “A” or “G” format.

Link 2 E Pianino

Link 2 E

Mostly restored instrument awaiting completion. Great project to finish up.

Wurlitzer Pianino

Early model of Wurlitzer’s smallest coin piano. Nice original condition, ready for restoration.


Cremona Style G

Beautifully restored coin piano featuring flute pipes.