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Tangley Air Calliaphone

Automatic player models were quickly added once production started. The automatic players played a standard “A” music roll, which allowed for a huge repertoire. This model CA-43 has 43 whistles, made in 1925. It has been totally restored around 2005, when new gears were installed in the roll frame. This lady in red is parade ready! Purchase includes two ten-tune rolls, many more are readily available.

In 1914, Norman Baker built an air operated organ that he called the Air Calliaphone. It used air to produce the whistle tones, instead of steam as with a calliope. This simpler method was much more efficient, easier to maintain, easily transported, and it was much safer and less expensive to operate. The first Calliaphone sold for $500; two more were made and they sold immediately, and a new business was born. In 1915, Baker founded the Tangley Manufacturing Company in Muscatine, Iowa. At its height, The company was a prolific producer of air calliopes, much more so than anyone else, making them well into the 1930’s.

Parade ready!

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