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Peerless Style 44

Many of these instruments were converted to use a later roll system. This model retains the original endless roll system. The five tune music roll is collected into a hopper below the roll mechanism. Route operators would easily switch out the hoppers with ones containing a new music roll, rather than to take time to reroll the endless loop of paper. The old music roll was then often discarded, resulting in the few extant rolls, despite the fact that music rolls for the Peerless 44 was produced into the 1930’s. Many models were later converted to play other types of music rolls for this reason. Sale includes at least six  five-tune music rolls along with a test roll.

This model is waiting for someone to bring it back to its full glory. Everything is here but the coin mechanism. Photos and description of the missing parts will be provided.

The Peerless Style 44 coin piano was one of the first paper roll playing automatic pianos made for the American commercial market. Introduced in about 1902, shortly after the Peerless D coin piano, the keyboardless cabinet piano took up a smaller amount of space and quickly became a public favorite. The Model 44 featured a 44 note piano with hammer rail control (no automatic mandolin) operating from an endless roll, similar to the Encore Automatic Banjo. The cabinet also resembled the Encore Banjo, housed in a solid quarter-sawn oak cabinet with similar design details.

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