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Seeburg Model E Special

Among the orchestrions made by the J.P. Seeburg Piano Company, the E Special is one of the rarest. It was produced for only about four years towards the end of piano production at Seeburg. There is thought to be less than a few dozen extant examples. It has the instrumentation of the much more prevalent cabinet model KT Special but in a full size keyboard piano.  

The E Special features a piano with expression and mandolin attachment, reiterating xylophone, bass drum with tympani effect, snare drum, cymbal, triangle, wood block, castanets and tambourine. It plays from the plentiful style G or 4X music rolls. 

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This model was built in 1926. The cabinet has the original finish. Interior mechanisms have been maintained over the years and plays well. The piano had the bass strings replaced at some point. Purchase includes 4 ten-tune music rolls. Instrument measures 63 x 58 x 32 inches.

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