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Western Electric Model X

The original officers of the Marquette Piano Co organized the Western Electric Piano Company in 1924. Within a year or two, it became a secret subsidiary of the Seeburg Piano Co., relocating the entire business to the Seeburg factory. The Western Electric Piano Company was given a different address by using one of the side entrances of the Seeburg factory. Most of the Western Electric models were similar to Seeburg’s most popular Prohibition-era models; cabinet piano Styles L,  K, and KT.

This model left the factory in 1926. The instrument features a piano with mandolin attachment accompanied by a 22 note xylophone with automatic expression. The volume of piano can be manually controlled with an exterior “Crescendo” knob and can be set to play anywhere from very quiet to very loud. It was restored by D.C. Ramey Piano Company in 2012 and was recently serviced by us to ready for sale. A special feature was added to the xylophone during restoration, a switching device that allows the xylophone to operate with a reiterating action (as original) or single stroke action. The device is removable and did not alter the original parts.

Cabinet is approximately 47 inches wide by 23 inches deep by 63 inches tall. Purchase includes a library of 28 re-cut A rolls. Please contact us for additional information.

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