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Arburo Dance Organ 88-note Keyless

This classic roll operated Arburo dance organ was made by Arthur Bursens circa 1950. The Bursens firm, founded by Arthur’s father Joseph, was an important organ manufacturer, located in Antwerp, Belgium. The company made approximately 1000 organs under the model names Ideal, Bursens, and Arburo. Most were book operated with about 300 models being “keyless”, operated by a special 88 hole paper roll such as this model.

Roll operated Arburos came in various sizes and are known for their high quality pipework and mechanisms, as well as their energetic music. Showcasing some of the instrumentation on the front along with dynamic lighting displays allowed the organ to give a visual performance as entertaining as its music. This model features over 160 pipes along with button accordion, bass and snare drums, ride cymbal, hi-hat cymbal, three tunes temple blocks, wood block, and maraca. It was pneumatically restored in 2012.

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Purchase includes nearly 50 music rolls. Height: 7 feet, 7 inches; Width: 7 feet 10 ½ inches; Depth: 4 foot, 9 inches.

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