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Philipps Pianella Style C

J.D. Philipps & Sons, founded in 1877 in Germany, manufactured barrel operated pianos and orchestrions. About 1900, the company began producing a line of paper music roll operated instruments utilizing a wide paper music roll, similar to formats used by their contemporaries.

A few years later, Philipps introduced the "Pianella" line of paper roll operated pianos and orchestras. The Pianella line featured a new, somewhat narrow music roll, almost half the width of traditional rolls, designed to be more resistant to dimensional changes caused by humidity extremes. “PM” rolls, an abbreviation of “Pianella Mandoline,” are used on most types of Philipps pianos and orchestrions and are identical to the Wurlitzer Mandolin PianOrchestra rolls. PM rolls were made from the early 1900’s to about 1930. Most are four tunes in length.

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This Style C features a piano with mandolin attachment and a 2 plus octave xylophone that stretches the length of the instrument across the top behind beveled glass and is illuminated when playing. The beautiful ornate cabinet features many inlays and original sconce light fixtures with new beaded shades. Original mahogany finish in good condition. The instrument currently does not play and needs restoration.

Priced very reasonable. Purchase includes at least a dozen music rolls.