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Edgerton/Seeburg KT Special Orchestrion replica

Advertised as the “Matchless Orchestrion,” the model KT Special was the ultimate in cabinet coin pianos offered by Seeburg. Introduced in 1923, it quickly became one of Seeburg’s best sellers. One of the first instruments offered in their “ultra-modern” silver-grey oak finish. Promoted as a replacement for the older, larger keyboard orchestrions, ready to offer lively tunes and command attention to coax more nickels. Coming late to the game, many of these models remained in service well into the 1930’s, while new “4X” music rolls were being made until 1940.

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Being a favorite of collectors, demand for the KT Special was high enough to warrant a run of reproduction instruments to be made in the late 1970's by Bill Edgerton’s Mechanical Music Center. 60 replica instruments were made between 1978 and 1980. This model being number 45 of the series.

Instrumentation includes; piano with mandolin attachment, xylophone, bass drum with tympani beaters, cymbal, snare drum, triangle, castanets, tambourine,and wood block. Operates from standard “G” and “4X’” music rolls. Purchase includes 3 ten-tune music rolls.

The replica models have an hour meter to monitor use. This one has about 70 hours of play. It has been maintained in good playing condition and was last tuned in October of 2023. The drum heads have been replaced with calfskin heads and the modern drum tensioners have been replaced with antiques for a more authentic appearance. The reiterating xylophone has been made to play single stroke by the removal of the reiterating levers, which are kept with the instrument to be re-installed if desired (no permanent alterations were made). The casters have been recently replaced with high quality Darnell double wheeled piano casters. Instrument measures about 66 x 49 x 25 inches. Instrument is located in the Denver, Colorado area.